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“In this renovation project, we had the challenge of expanding the kitchen of small measures, with little space for storage, and using the existing furniture in order to make each environment inviting. For the interior design, I bet on modern pieces and created new lighting points to bring harmony to the spaces. As the house has a privileged view, I used natural elements, such as wood, to create a connection with nature.”

-Natasha Pereira

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We created a functional and elegant layout in the living room, which allowed free movement and provided coziness to the residents. Automated blinds (Persiana and Cia) bring privacy to the space when necessary. The luminaires are from ArqLuce Iluminação.

The wood-covered walls, benches and sconces welcome anyone who enters the home with style.

The dining room received a scenic and decorative lighting project with a rectangular straw pendant in Jequitibá wood and lamps, both by ArqLuce Iluminação. To create a personalized solution, the professional designed a panel (Bontempo SJC), in laminated alba, with shelves fixed in an invisible way and a Meccano Inclined LED profile.

The revitalized washbasin gained a professionally designed basin, sculpted in Superquadra Concreto porcelain (Portobello Shop SJC). The textured mass walls in burnt cement (Qualyvinil), the wooden slatted panel (Bontempo SJC) and the mirror with indirect lighting (ArqLuce Iluminação) brought amplitude and charm to the environment.

The walls and countertop in white Quartz by Portale Mármore and the Superquadra Concreto porcelain tile by Portobello Shop SJC ensured a clean and sophisticated composition for the new kitchen. The cabinets (Bontempo SJC) were designed according to customer needs. The lighting is by ArqLuce Iluminação and the blinds are by Persiana e Cia.


In the couple's suite, the support furniture and headboard in natural wood veneer, with indirect lighting (ArqLuce Iluminação), were designed by the professional and executed by Multiforme Movelaria, in order to bring even more coziness to the environment. The armchair and bench complete the discreet ambiance. The automated blinds of Persiana e Cia filters the incidence of solar rays in space.

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