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NP ARCHITECTS EIRELI ME, hereinafter referred to as “The Company”, in order to fulfill its role as a corporate citizen,  defined this Policy with a focus on communicating its position, respecting all the rights of those involved in the business exercise, in addition to demanding the same commitment from its business partners .

Company Social Responsibility Policy:

Company Social Responsibility Policy:

⦁    Commitment to the community:
The company is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates, promoting sustainable social and economic development. This can be done through education, health, culture and infrastructure programs, as well as through support for local organizations and social initiatives.

⦁    Environmental preservation: 
The company strives to adopt sustainable business practices that minimize negative environmental impacts. This may include implementing energy efficiency policies, reducing waste and pollutant emissions, conserving natural resources and encouraging the use of renewable energies.

⦁    Business ethics: 
The company adopts a posture of integrity and ethics in all its business activities. This involves complying with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as promoting fair and transparent relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and business partners.

Human Rights Policy:

Human Rights Policy:

⦁    Respect for fundamental rights:
The company recognizes and respects universal human rights as set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This includes protection from discrimination, forced/slave labour, child labor, human trafficking and any form of abuse or exploitation.

⦁    Fair working conditions:
The company offers all employees a safe and healthy work environment. This involves respect for labor rights, such as fair remuneration, adequate working hours, freedom of association and collective bargaining, punctual payment for services provided, payment of contributions arising from these jobs within the legal period.

⦁    Responsible supply chain:
The company seeks to ensure that its suppliers also follow the principles of respect for human rights, listing clauses in the respective contracts that ensure compliance with policies by suppliers, in addition to encouraging the continuous improvement of working conditions throughout the supply chain.

Policy Against Anti-competitive and Corrupt Practices:

Policy Against Anti-competitive and Corrupt Practices:

⦁    Anti-corruption policies and procedures:
The company has established clear and comprehensive policies to prevent, detect and combat corruption in all its activities. This includes expressly and strictly prohibiting bribes, kickbacks or any improper offer to government officials, customers, suppliers or other interested parties.

⦁    Fair competition:
The company is committed to competing fairly and transparently, respecting antitrust laws and promoting healthy competition. This includes avoiding anti-competitive practices such as price-fixing agreements, market sharing or abuse of a dominant position.

⦁    Integrity and transparency:
The company repudiates any form of corruption and bribery, whether in the public or private sector. This includes implementing clear and strict anti-corruption policies, promoting transparency in business and holding accountable for any violation of these policies.

⦁    Training and awareness:
The company intends, throughout 2023/2024, to offer training to all employees, highlighting the importance of combating corruption, the risks involved and the practices to be adopted to prevent it. Awareness is promoted at all hierarchical levels of the organization, emphasizing individual responsibility for acting in accordance with established ethical principles.

⦁    Due diligence on partners and suppliers: 
The company promotes rigorous due diligence actions in the selection of business partners and suppliers, verifying their reputation, history and commitment to ethics and integrity. Hiring third parties must comply with applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations, ensuring that they share the same ethical principles that are agreed in the contracts signed between the parties, requiring compliance with all obligations set forth in our Policies.

⦁    Monitoring and auditing: 
If there are signs of inappropriate practices, the company monitors and audits to verify compliance with anti-corruption policies and identify possible vulnerabilities or deviations. These activities are aimed at ensuring compliance and continuously improving internal controls related to preventing and combating corruption.

⦁    Accountability and sanctions:

The company establishes clear and proportionally adequate disciplinary measures to deal with proven cases of corruption or violations of anti-corruption policies. Accountability for wrongdoing is essential to maintaining the integrity and reputation of the company.

⦁    Reporting channels:
The company provides a confidential and accessible reporting channel so that employees and other interested parties can report any suspicion of anti-competitive practices or corruption, through the e-mail:

Policy of Respect for the Child and Adolescent Statute and the Elderly Statute:

Policy of Respect for the Child and Adolescent Statute and the Elderly Statute:

⦁    Protection and well-being of children and adolescents:
The company undertakes to respect and promote the rights established in the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA). This includes ensuring protection against any form of violence, exploitation, abuse or discrimination. In addition, the company encourages actions that promote education, health, culture and social inclusion of children and adolescents.

⦁    Safe environment for seniors: 
The company is committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for seniors. This involves promoting dignity, autonomy and quality of life for the elderly, as well as preventing and combating any form of abuse, neglect or discrimination based on age.

⦁    Awareness and training:
The company seeks to raise awareness and provide adequate training to all employees on the rights and needs of children, adolescents and the elderly. This includes disseminating internal policies and legal requirements related to the ECA and the Elderly Statute, encouraging the adoption of responsible and compassionate practices.

⦁    Partnerships with specialized institutions: 
The company has been seeking partnerships with specialized institutions, such as non-governmental organizations and entities dedicated to protecting the rights of children, adolescents and the elderly. These partnerships aim to strengthen actions and initiatives in favor of these groups, sharing resources, knowledge and best practices.

Non-discrimination policy:

Non-discrimination policy:

⦁    Equal opportunities:
The company undertakes to maintain equal opportunities for all people, without distinction of any kind. They undertake to promote equal access to positions, jobs, services, benefits, educational programs and opportunities for personal and professional development.

⦁    Discrimination Free Environment:
The company undertakes undertakes undertakes to maintain an environment free of discrimination, intolerance and harassment. It is prohibited to practice any discriminatory or harmful act that seeks to marginalize, stigmatize or exclude anyone based on their protected characteristics.

⦁    Non-Discrimination in Selection Processes:
The parties agree to conduct fair and impartial selection processes, evaluating candidates solely on the basis of criteria relevant to the position or opportunity in question. No discrimination will be tolerated during all stages of the selection process, including recruitment, interviews, assessments and decision-making.


It is important to emphasize that the policies are being implemented in an integrated manner, considering aspects of social responsibility, human rights, respect for children, adolescents, the elderly and the fight against anti-competitive practices and corruption. The company ensures that these policies are communicated, understood and followed by all employees, establishing continuous monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure their effectiveness.

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